Stories from the River

My son and I headed out about 12 noon from Greenwood Acres and oh man what a nice trip down. We only went to the new county park south of Fisher but what a nice float & paddle. We ran into 3 log jams that we had to get out and get around. One was after the 136 bridge and the other 2 were south of the old stone bridge.

Right after the stone bridge there is a real big pile up of logs ( in the middle) and debris and you have to go right or left, this was in addition to the 2 jams (we went left it had the biggest opening). I could not tell what was holding them together but it was big at least to me.I did not see any real trash along the river a lot of cans at the jams.

The river really widens out after the 136 bidge and before the stone bridge really gets pretty. This might of been the best part of all we saw. Really deep in this area.There is a big curve after the 136 bridge. You don't know what river you are on it is just Nice!!!
I forgot my GPS for the distance but I figured 6-7 miles is what we had run. Scott would you have any idea of the distance?It took us about 4 1/2 hours to run even with the log jams so I think another 1 1/2 would of got us to Mahomet but my arms & shoulders were like Jell-O but nothing that icey-hot could not cure!!! >grin< Glad we just went to the new park area. Easy to get out of too. I have not paddled for a while so I was a little tired but felt great after a hot shower & a rest.

Lots Lots of deer, ducks and geese, fish jumping a lot. Really cool. Did not see anyone until we got to the houses south of the stone bridge. That was really nice to be alone. Saw half dozen deer tree stands, my included, thought I would see more.

If you have lots of time and knew the distance then you could really float and steer but we paddle to keep going, so next time I will do more floating and steering at least try that way.
I hope this has given you a snap shot of the river from GW to the county park south of the old stone bridge

Randy Clark, Fisher

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