Our Community’s River

So, you may not have caught on yet, but the Sangamon River is Our Community’s River. Seriously, somebody should write a book about Mahomet and title it: “A River Runs Through It”. Then – after it becomes a best seller – it could become a feature film directed and narrated by Robert Redford and starring Brad Pitt and win an […]

Connections made by the Hazen Bridge

Here I sit on my folding lawn chair, down beside the Hazen Bridge, sipping on a pale ale and marveling at the old steel structure that has connected the Hazen Bridge together over the Sangamon River for more than 120 years. The last red embers of a dying fire glow brightly as the last light of day fades away. My […]

Reflections from a River Cleanup

And so it was that I was standing neck deep in the Sangamon River. The river was about 6 feet deep (and me only 5’6”) with the current strong, but I did have one hand on a fallen tree to hold myself steady against the current. Besides, Roger and Brian were in their canoe right beside me. I was standing […]

Seven Things I Learned from my River

Two-score and 14 years ago, my mother brought forth: me. And its times like this that guys like me take time to stop and reflect. And today I’m reflecting on my river; looking back at seven things that living on the Sangamon River has taught me over the years. Life has its ups and downs I’m writing this column instead […]

River reporter’s live coverage of Riverfest

Dateline: Sangamon River Music Festival – somewhere east of downtown Mahomet, Friday, August 26, 2016, 5pm The USRC display booth is set up and ready to sell ducks for the Sangamon River Duck Race. Mary brings by a box of cute little giveaway ducks for the kiddies. Meanwhile, rain is threatening as clouds are roiling. But it’s an exciting time […]