We are the USRC

We are the USRC. The Upper Sangamon River Conservancy, that is. Our mission is to “preserve, maintain, monitor, and promote public use and awareness of the Sangamon River.” The Sangamon was made for you and me; the Sangamon is our community’s river. Many surrounding Central Illinois communities sorely lack such a beautiful amenity coursing right through the middle of their […]

Afternoon River Journey: Downstream

“This land was made for you and me” – Woody Guthrie Final of two parts. I saw above me that endless skyway. And far above me in that impossibly blue sky I watched through the bare tops of the silver maples and sycamores the most graceful creature drifting on currents of air. How long til its wings would actually flap? […]

I shouldered my electric blue Perception 9.5 kayak, reached out and grabbed my yellow double-bladed kayak paddle and carried both over to the bank, stepping delicately down the seven uneven steps that lead to the Sangamon River. I brought the kayak around my shoulder and plopped it down into the Sangamon with a splash. Next is the tricky part; there’s […]

Seize the Carp!

I was sitting down by the Sangamon on my red Adirondack on a surprisingly “warm” (definition: over 50) February day. The pleasantly breezy afternoon felt like a real gift from nature for a weekend day in February, at least in these parts. In a very relaxed state, I sat back, stretched out, shut my eyes for a minute or two, […]

The River in Winter

I’m sitting by the bank of the Sangamon in my red Adirondack chair. The River flows silently by. It’s 9:30 on a perfectly cloudless full moon night. The full moon night glows blue-white. A few days back, it snowed several inches; bright white snow still blankets the ground. The River remains partly frozen, but the ice is retreating as the […]