The Tale of the Mahomet River

A true story. Once upon a time, 250,000 years ago to be specific, at the dawn of the Pleistocene Epoch, there was a great river running through our fair Village. This river, originating off to the east in the area that was to become West Virginia, flowed westward through our area and on down from here to the Gulf of […]

A Sangamon River Solstice

Here on the Sangamon River, the quiet stillness of the night awakens the senses. As the nights lengthen and the trees stand naked against the night sky, full moons seem brighter and familiar winter constellations return to the sky. Orion the Hunter has returned! ‘Tis the season of the celebration of one of the few truly global phenomena; a celebration […]

Who’s Watching the River?

The river once told me “people think I’m dirty” So they do. So it is. Many people continue to view the Sangamon River as a ditch that functions primarily to carry away water and drain fields. As a matter of fact, the river truly is quite “dirty.” According to the Illinois DNR, at peak concentration rates, the Sangamon River at […]

Reflections on a River

This time of year something wonderful happens to the Sangamon River. With little rain, the river settles, clears up and the decaying leaves turn the water the color of strong iced tea. The black tannined water creates a mirror reflecting the world above, taking my mind back to the southern rivers, swamps and oceans of my youth. I grew up […]

Analog Tweets from the River

Since I’m really into the latest technology, I decided it would be cool to go down the river sending “tweets” to my “followers” as I make my way. But I actually don’t have a Twitter account nor any actual followers (that I’m aware of), and besides, since I’m so into the latest technology, why would I want to risk dropping […]