Rivers of my Youth, Pt. 2: The Okefenokee Swamp

I’m not sure what I was seeking back then, but somehow the “dense and haunting wilderness” of South Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp drew me in. Growing up in north Jacksonville, Florida, the Okefenokee, a 400,000 acre swamp, was only about 90 miles north of my home. I mean, this fascinating, untamed wilderness populated by cypress trees, Spanish moss, cottonmouth moccasins and […]

The Rivers of My Youth, Pt. 1: The Broward

This time of year, I sit back in my red Adirondack chair overlooking the Sangamon River holding a stoneware mug of hot, lightly sweetened Irish Breakfast tea and look down upon the river. Just a few weeks ago the Sangamon flowed nearly clear, but now falling leaves stain it the color of my Irish Breakfast tea. I grew up down […]

The Sangamon and the Gulf

I took an autumn walk in the cool, crisp air along the bank of the Sangamon River. Above me, the brilliant sun filtered through the leafy forest canopy in crimsons, yellows, ambers, oranges and greens, all against a backdrop of the brightest, deepest cobalt blue sky. Below me, in the dry weather of fall, the Sangamon River flows low, slow […]

The River and the Equinox

I sat by the river on the autumnal equinox pondering life, the beauty of the river, the trees and the changing of the seasons. The equinox is one of only two days a year when night precisely equals day, marking the onset of spring and then the fall.  So I also pondered the idea of equality. I was recently reading […]

Tales from a River Cleanup

It was a dark and stormy night… …which was particularly annoying since the Upper Sangamon River Conservancy had spent the last several weeks if not months planning a major river cleanup event on the Sangamon River scheduled to start first thing in the morning. And so, as it goes, I woke up at 6am Saturday morning to the disturbing tone […]