Float Trip

The weather and conditions are looking ideal this Saturday for a float down the Sangamon River!!

Scott is hosting a LEVEL 2 Float trip down the Sangamon River, departing from Riverwood, his home on the River and heading downriver to Mahomet’s “Sangamon Greenway”, which is a parking lot at the NORTHEAST corner of the IL 47 bridge over the Sangamon (there is a large Indian standing just north of this parking lot in a person’s yard).

This trip is to OBSERVE conditions on this stretch of the river and do some minor water trail maintenance, including hand brush clearing and trash pickup as needed. As a service trip, it should qualify for Master Naturalist service hours.

Since this trip will include currently unknown log jams (that’s we will be finding out), but has restroom facilities at the halfway point at Lake of the Woods, and river conditions should be fairly ideal for a float, it is classified as LEVEL 2 and would require basic water knowledge of water safety and could include some challenging situations. Casual floaters would be welcome, especially with a more experienced partner. Since conditions along this stretch have not yet been explored nor reported back to us so far this season, we will not post an end time. Expect this approximately 6 mile trip to last AT LEAST 4 hours.

We’ll set out at 9am.  Feel free to bring food for a lunch break as desired. Mosquito repellent is (already) needed and sun block and a hat are also recommended.

If you bring your own watercraft, at the end of the trip, the USRC can haul your personal watercraft back to the beginning, if you would like. If you wish to leave your car at the Greenway Parking Lot – the endpoint – please arrive by 8:15 am so we can depart for Riverwood by 9:30. You can ride in the USRC canoe transport truck.

This trip may cancel if the river is expected to be over flood stage; measured as 12 feet at the Fisher Gage.  You can check the gage under “paddler’s information” on this site.

The map is the APPROXIMATE location of our starting point. Scott will send more detailed instructions on how to get to the starting point to registrants.

You are REQUIRED to register for this trip through this link, and must indicate whether or not you will be needing a watercraft and which type you prefer – kayak or canoe. We have fewer kayaks than canoes. You can send an email to Scott at sphays12@gmail.com if you are bringing your own craft.


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