Connections made by the Hazen Bridge

Here I sit on my folding lawn chair, down beside the Hazen Bridge, sipping on a pale ale and marveling at the old steel structure that has connected the Hazen Bridge together over the Sangamon River for more than 120 years. The last red embers of a dying fire glow brightly as the last light of day fades away. My […]

Ecotourism in Mahomet

According to a recent story by the group American Rivers: “Across the country, gateway communities have realized connecting the community to local resources by protecting and restoring rivers and streams creates an economic engine for the region.” And here we sit, ideally perched as a “gateway community” to our Sangamon River. Of course, Mahomet is already well-known throughout this area […]

Rivers and Pathways`

  Traveller, there is no path The path is made by walking By walking you make a path And turning you look back At a way you will never tread again. Antonio Machado I took a walk along the Sangamon River at the Sangamon River Forest Preserve south of Fisher, the best place for such a walk in my opinion. […]

Soaring with Eagles

The bald eagles soared overhead as Carol and I drove along the two lane ribbon of highway carved out of the narrow patch of land between the cliff side and the Great River. At first we could just see a big dark soaring bird posing a dark silhouette against a partly cloudy sky. But then we spotted the tell-tale white […]

The Squirrel in Winter

The squirrel busily collects the years’ bountiful harvest of acorns and places them in the cold ground, storage for the long winter ahead. The squirrel realizes that the days grow shorter, darkness comes on sooner; nighttime stretches out longer and longer and longer. Yet the familiarity of the earth’s rhythms are part of the squirrel. He doesn’t ponder or fret […]