What lies beneath…

There is an open spot in the river, otherwise completely iced over, that's about 20 feet long and 3 or 4 feet wide, at most. Here, the current flows fast and the river runs clear. It's a small window on what lies beneath reminding me of river adventures to come. Soon, we'll be kayaking the river as Spring opens up the water and we can paddle again.

Most of the pictures taken in our video were taken in mid-April, which reminds me that it certainly won't be long til the beauty of Spring is again revealed. With the snow covering the forest floor and the ice holding much of the river locked underneath, it feels like a long way off.

I did recently see a video on the internet of a family in a canoe at the top of a snow hill. They released the canoe and it seemed to make a pretty decent – if unstable – snow sled. I can't say I'd recommend it – it seems like it was pretty hard on the family, not to mention the canoe. But it's just a thought if anyone is desperate to go canoeing. It certainly got me to thinking….I wonder if a kayak would work better…hmmm.


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