Way Down Upon the Sangamon River

I grew up not far from the Suwanee River in Florida. These days, the Sangamon is flowing with the same clear, dark, tea-colored water, stained with the decaying leaves of Fall. The dark, reflective surface of the river shines, reflecting the rapidly fading colors.

The river is up again, slightly, after the recent rain, but will surely recede with little more rain in sight.

If the river would rise a bit to ease in-and-outs from the kayak, and the temperature stay decent (50’s?), I’ll look forward to getting on the river soon. I guess I also should let my sprained ankle heal, too.

But today, having morning coffee on my backyard swing overlooking the tea-stained water brought back pleasant memories of days-long canoe trips on the Suwanee, with numerous stops at the crystal clear-blue springs set among the cypresses, pines, and chalk-white limestone bluffs of North Florida. Was that yesterday or 25 years ago?

So take some time as Fall leaves to take a walk along the river at Lake of the Woods, Riverbend, the Open Space Land at the still-under construction Division Street/SR47 bridge, Barber Park, the Sangamon River Forest Preserve, or just pause on a bridge and contemplate the dark waters of the Sangamon and let it take your cares downstream with the disappearing Fall leaves…


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