Wade in the Water

This time of year, the river is nearly walkable. Bruce was on the river and reports that a two hour trip took him and his boys closer to four. However, it's a great time to pick up trash and clean up debris, so there's always something to do! I was out repairing my concrete block stairway down my bank this weekend.

I still have a waist-deep swimming hole out from my place where I can cool off a hard day's yardwork and my daughter Abbey and I went upstream to the bend from my place to a swimming hole where the water is well over both of our heads still! Never doubt how refreshing a dip in the Sangamon can be – try it sometime.

Also, we reported at our last meeting that the Sangamon River is generally rating 'very good' based on the invertebrates sampled there this past sampling season. More on that from Bruce!

So appreciate the river at all depths (or lack thereof)! There's always a reason to get out there and enjoy it!

See you on the river,

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