Sangamon River Greenway

Chuck, Jon and I took a walk this past Wednesday along the river at the Sangamon River Greenway. Discussions are under way for development of a River Trail in that area that would perhaps ultimately connect with trail plans along the river at Barber Park, all of which would connect with the newest trail leading from the 150 bridge crossing north, across I-74 to Lake of the Woods. Of course connecting the trails across the river with a footbridge near the area of the railroad trestle. Anyone have a spare million bucks or so laying around?

The Sangamon River Greenway is a beautiful public area, and is the home of our new Eastern Bluebird house project. We hope to see Bluebirds moving in soon.  this area is open to the public and anyone can take a walk in that area along the river.

Right now, the Bluebells are popping up and will be in bloom soon. There is also a wooded wetland area where we spotted a number of wood ducks, one of the most beautiful ducks in North America. We'd like to get some wood duck houses in that area (and other areas, too).

The area under the SR47 bridge is also looking very nice as IDOT finishes up their work. The last phase of the project will be to raise the road-bed about 20 inches near the parking lot entrance. We hope this doesn't make the parking lot even more difficult to access. The parking lot is on the north-east side of the bridge, right by the Indian. Be sure to check out this beautiful area for yourself.

Meantime, I'll see you on the River!






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