Ride the River

"Don't you know there is no effort if you are riding with your river?" – Carl (Frederick) Freiseke

Well, maybe that's less true this time of year. Bruce and I went down the river this afternoon from my place near 2400 to his place near the SR47 (Division Street) Bridge. It was a beautiful trip down a beautiful stretch of river that takes you through the heart of Mahomet, not that you'd ever even realize it when you're on the river.

But the river is down and flowing slow. This trip took over four and a half hours, however, we stopped to search for invertebrates, to slog over cobbles and over, under and around various logs, and to stare at the wildlife. We saw a small herd of six deer that stood and watched us from the bank (including three fawns), and we came closer to a Great Blue Heron perched on a log than I've ever been, and Bruce had used all the disc space in his camera before we got there.

There is lots of trash and we need to do a clean up run soon. Items include a hot-water heater, several tires and even a washing machine. By the time we were done, both our boats were full of bottles, including a classic "Oh So Grape" that Bruce found.

We understand it was hot in Mahomet today, but we didn't know. It was cool, refreshing and breezy down on the river. You shoulda been there!


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