Get down, river.

The river is going down fast. It's now down below knee deep at my place, but still high enough to get my shorts wet when I walk out into the water. Of course, if it were 1978 and if I still had my 'Magnum PI' style cut-offs, that would be another story, one that horrifies my teenage daughters.

Without a lot of rain before long, it may get down to a small stream. My first year here, we pulled our lawn chairs out into the inches deep water and sat down in the afternoon and had a cool one with just our toes in the water cooling off. It's surprising how cool you can feel with just your toes in the water. I recommend it.

Even so, canoeing and kayaking is still good in low water, you just may be getting out and wading a little more often, but in 90 degree heat, that's not so bad.

See you on the river,

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