Cry me a River

Our river is crying for our help!

Most immediate is our Hazen Bridge clean-up project in celebration of It's Our River Day. Saturday, September 18 at 9am. USRC will even feed you lunch! We will wrap up by 1 so you can still catch the game or do your grocery shopping. Come out and join us if you can. Details are here on the web-site.

The real tragedy is

that the News-Gazette reported that the EPA is suggesting that the source of the 40,000 fish kill, plus other creatures, was the result of ammonia coming (most likely) from runoff from the Stone Ridge Dairy, a Confined Animal Feedlot Operation "CAFO" near Bellflower, and really, in our own backyard. This is the largest dairy in Illinois and very few people even know it exists. Drive by and you won't even see a cow, even though they have 3,100 of them.

We need to expose these type of environmental terrorists for what they truly are. We all should pause a few minutes and ponder 40,000 lost animal lives to blatant carelessness, if not deliberate profiteering.
Our river is crying.


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