A Duck Race Q and A!

It’s hard to believe it’s once again the time of year plagued by intense struggle and strife, the constant jockeying for position, the arguments, the endless name-calling while accusations fly. Presidential campaign season, you ask? Olympics maybe? Hardly. I’m talking about the intense competition of the 6th Annual Sangamon River Duck Race. And we here at Notes from the River […]

It’s Sangamon Season

For everything, there is a season – King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 3:1 It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Or, technically speaking, by the time you read this, it was. But that’s OK, because as important as Memorial Day is for remembering those who fought to defend our land, our rights, and our free press, such as the Mahomet Citizen, it’s also important since […]

Let’s Be Careful Out There!

It’s not like the new guy was inexperienced. And it’s not like the Sangamon is a very dangerous river. I mean, if one wishes to avoid putting oneself in potentially hazardous situations, you’d do far better to avoid I-74 between Mahomet and Champaign on snow days. And who does that? And yet, anything can be hazardous when conditions line up. […]

A Rivertrail Exclusive Interview

Following up on some of the hottest news of this season (at least to me), the Mahomet Citizen reported two weeks ago on the progress of the ‘Mahomet Rivertrail’. Now we here at Notes from the River don’t mind occasionally being scooped, especially when it’s by our Editor, the talented Amelia Benner. But still, we’ve been working on this one […]

Appreciating Volunteers

Nothing’s quite as rewarding as a stranger walking up to you, giving you a pat on the back, a handshake, and saying “Thanks for the effort!” I read in the newspaper (yeah, I still do that) that April 10-16 was National Volunteer Week. According to the website createthegood.org: “National Volunteer Week is an annual opportunity to step back and recognize […]