Biking the Sangamon

  Well, this column is not actually about biking in a river, but it is about biking in and around the Sangamon Valley. And as much as I enjoy kayaking and canoeing, I also enjoy cycling the Sangamon Valley’s bike paths and county roads as they weave their way through forests, prairies, cornfields and crisscrossing the Sangamon River all the […]

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

Yes, it’s that time of year! Time for “those days of soda, and pretzels and beer” according to Nat King Cole. The Summer Solstice passed on June 21. After this longest day of the year, the days have already started getting shorter again even as the temperatures remain high. The Summer Solstice found Carol and me with our feet propped […]

Son of the Father

  He shouldered his kayak and walked down the path toward the Sangamon River by the historic Hazen Bridge. The Hazen Bridge was one of his favorite spots along the river. There was something about these old single-lane iron truss bridges that evoked a feeling of the past, of times gone by, and of remembering what had gone before. He […]

The Two Hour Vacation

  You find, somewhat unexpectedly, that on a Sunday afternoon you’ve got a few hours to yourself. So you say to yourself: “Self, I should go out and kayak the Sangamon River. I could use a little vacation.” So you park your little red pickup a few miles downstream at Lake of the Woods park, ride your bike back home […]

The Source

  Carol and I took a hike up to “The Source”. To start out, we drove our rented Suzuki Jeep up the path to where the road ends, parked the Jeep and set out uphill on foot. It’s a lovely hike up through a tropical rain forest populated by banana trees and vervet monkeys. The trail started out relatively easy, […]