Preparing for the Big Race

Geez, it’s really rough this time of year! Just keeping up with the schedule is really a challenge with my rigorous training to get in top form. I mean, I’m one of the originals who’s been at this for nine years now and to be honest with you, it doesn’t get any easier with age. No, it really doesn’t. You […]

Sangamon Summer

Suggested headline: Riding Out the Heat Wave on the Sangamon River Time goes by more slowly on the Sangamon River. To be more precise, 5 ½ miles takes 6 ½ hours. So you learn a lot on a float trip. Primarily: relax, take it easy, you’ll get there. And: it’s about the journey, not the destination (in this case, the […]

In Praise of Forest Bathing

When you open a book you got for Christmas and it’s titled “Forest Bathing”, it’s hard not to envision kicking back in some big old clawfoot tub with shiny brass fixtures filled with perfectly warmed water out in some lush forest under a bright green canopy of oaks, maples, elms and pines.  Ahh. Well, that’s not actually what the book […]

Our Community’s River

So, you may not have caught on yet, but the Sangamon River is Our Community’s River. Seriously, somebody should write a book about Mahomet and title it: “A River Runs Through It”. Then – after it becomes a best seller – it could become a feature film directed and narrated by Robert Redford and starring Brad Pitt and win an […]

The river once told me “people think I’m dirty” So they do. So it is. Many people continue to view the Sangamon River as a ditch that functions primarily to carry away water and drain fields. As a matter of fact, the river truly is quite “dirty.” According to the Illinois DNR, at peak concentration rates, the Sangamon River at […]