Join USRC Members at the USRC Table for the Prairie Rivers Network’s Annual Dinner, which is the area’s river lover event of the year!

The USRC is purchasing the table for $500, and we ask that you direct a donation of $60 per person to the USRC to cover this cost.

Individual dinner registration through the PRN website is $60 per person and would not include you at the USRC Table.

Please note the following:

You MUST register to be a part of the USRC table below.

You also need to make a dinner selection from one of three choices, which are listed here: Put your selection in the comments section of your registration.

DO NOT register for the dinner through the PRN dinner link. That is for an individual dinner only, not to be part of the USRC Table.

Your $60 donation to the USRC is not tax-deductible and does not comprise a donation to Prairie Rivers Network, it only covers the cost of the USRC’s purchase of the table and represents the cost of the dinner itself.

The purpose of the dinner is to raise funds for PRN and you will be requested to make a donation to PRN directly as part of this dinner. A PRN donation is of course optional.


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