The 2018 USRC Annual Mussel Survey is scheduled for Saturday, September 15th, beginning at 9am. We will be meeting at Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve, Mahomet. No experience is necessary. Kids are welcome and have had a great time at previous surveys, but they must be accompanied by an adult. Instructions and supplies will be provided. Volunteer duties include searching for mussels in the stream channel; collecting those that we find; sorting, identifying, and counting the mussels that are collected; photographing examples of each species; and returning all live mussels to the stream channel. Additional banker duties are available for those who wish to participate, but do not want to go into the water. These include photographer (camera provided), recording habitat information, recording mussel data, and helping with meal preparations. For those entering the stream, you should wear shoes and clothes suitable for getting soaked and muddy. You should also bring a change of clothes and shoes. A limited number of old sneakers and water shoes are available in the event that you do not have an old pair of your own. Hats and personal water bottles are also recommended. We will be serving lunch to volunteers. Lunch will include fried chicken and sides from the Mahomet IGA. If you would like to join us, please respond to this email letting me know that you would like to participate and if you plan to bring others.

For more information, contact Mussel Survey Coordinator and USRC President Bruce Colravy.


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