Sign up for a shift from 8 to noon or noon-4 to for duck sales at the Mahomet IGA. This a no-wet-feet event and only involves sitting in a tent for 4 hours, chatting with people and ‘selling ducks’* to passers-by for our annual fundraiser.

Volunteers volunteer in two shifts: setup in the morning and til 12, and noon til take down around 4.

Volunteers can set their own hours as need be, but need to let Bruce Colravy know the times they would like to volunteer for in advance

It’s even better if you can list a few preferences so we can fill slots as needed.

Other dates are listed in the calendar

We only need two volunteers per shift (one to keep the other one company).

* FYI: customers don’t buy actual ducks, just a chance on a duck to win the race.

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