September 7, 2015 @ 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
Meet up: Sangamon River Forest Preserve
Sangamon River Forest Preserve
2797 Co Road 600 East, Fisher, IL 61843
Scott Hays
778 2645

This is a working river trip, folks. Be prepared!

River Mainenance Float Trip Saturday, August 22. Meetup 8:30 am, Sangamon River Forest Preserve

The goal of this trip is to clear passage for paddlers through fallen logs and other ‘woody debris’.

We’ll start at the Sangamon River Forest Preserve and go down to the Hazen Bridge. We’ll provide transport back to the Sangamon River Forest Preserve from the endpoint including transporting your watercraft, should you bring your own.

Prepare to get wet standing, working, walking and wading in the river. We’ll be winching and moving and doing some sawing to get trees, logs and branches out of the way to clear safe access for paddlers. The river level is very low so we should never be working in very deep water.

The USRC does not generally support clearing woody debris out of the river and focuses only on obstructions that completely block the river to clear a safer and more enjoyable passage for paddlers. We understand that this also means that they may block up again. So be it. Bring any tools you may have which may be useful for log removal.

Canoes and transport are available to all free of charge! Contact Scott if interested ASAP.

Scott: secretary@sangamonriver.org or call or text to: 217.778.2645

secretary@sangamonriver.org or call 217.778.2645




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