Hope for a Grandson

In two weeks, if not sooner, I’m having a grandson. I’m sitting here, feet propped up on a short stack of firewood, contemplating the fire I’m going to get around to building in the wood stove and the life that my grandson may lead. A life, I hope, that’s a life worth living. Out the window, six inches of snow […]

The Darkest Sky

He was a man’s man. Big and strong, the kind of man that made the ladies swoon, but he was also a loner, a hunter, a fisherman, and like many of the animals he liked to hunt, he was nocturnal. Nighttime hunting didn’t go over so well with the local DNR, so he moved his operation to his own isolated […]

Sangamon Watershed Celebration

I quaffed my third cup of morning joe and ran out of the house for Decatur by 7:30 on a Saturday morning, bound for my Second Annual Sangamon Watershed Celebration. Our planning committee had been working on this for much of the summer: today was the big day. The temperature gauge on the CRV reported a brisk 18, but the […]


“Mahomet nets funds for park upgrades” Mahomet Citizen, 10/18/18 Last week’s Citizen headline was certainly a long time coming. The story goes back at least 10 years to a citizen input meeting for the “Mahomet Area Planning Project.” I was at that meeting in 2008, among a group of citizens volunteering to serve on a “Rivertrail” subcommittee. I had moved […]

Welcome to Rivers And Roads!

Spring, 2006. On a whim, we drove out to an area north and east of Mahomet to check out a real estate listing for a home described as “nestled in the heart of Mother Nature”.  We lived then in a nice old home in the middle of the peaceful and quaint town of Philo, so we weren’t really on the […]