A Galena Holiday

Without a doubt, November would be the most dreary month of the year. Nothing good comes from November. It’s cold, it’s dreary, it’s usually damp (like right now), trees lose their stunning reds and gold and yellows of October and take on the lifeless look they’ll have for several months coming. And the onset of cold begins. 50, then 40, […]

It starts somewhere south of the southern tip of Illinois’ and ends in Chicago. That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it. At least it’s the story of my highway 57 and here is where I’ve landed after 57 years: somewhere north and east of Mahomet on the Sangamon River. Growing up as a Florida boy – and later, yes, […]

Sittin by the dock of the bay Watchin the tide roll away The dock isn’t there anymore. The one that extended out into the Broward River in the Berry’s backyard. Or was it the front yard? Some said old houses were designed such that they faced the river, which is certainly the way Patrick’s house always seemed to be. Patrick […]

Welcome Spring!

Springtime Renewal Phew! It’s finally over. At sunset on the vernal equinox, I stood on my bluff overlooking the Sangamon, feeling the current carry my thoughts off toward the setting sun. At 4:58 pm on March 20, our planet’s north-south axis was aligned precisely 90 degrees relative to the sun. All over the planet, night equals day and now.  For […]

Hope for a Grandson

In two weeks, if not sooner, I’m having a grandson. I’m sitting here, feet propped up on a short stack of firewood, contemplating the fire I’m going to get around to building in the wood stove and the life that my grandson may lead. A life, I hope, that’s a life worth living. Out the window, six inches of snow […]