How much wood?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? We seem to have a woodchuck living under our shed these days, so to answer this perennial question, I decided to go to the source. And he replied: “Whaddya mean if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I mean, how could I know what it is to chuck […]

Quality of Life

It’s election season again! Yes, this April 7, we’ll all head to the voting booth (well 12% of us will, on average) and vote in municipal elections including Mahomet Seymour School Board, Mahomet Village Board, and Cornbelt Fire Protection District. So it was that on a recent Thursday evening at 7pm, Carol and I and a few (a disappointingly few) […]

February Blues

I really hate February. Winter has gone on far too long now and the end remains nowhere in sight. And yes, this is despite February’s vague effort to redeem itself by trying to cast itself in an aura of love and romance. I get Valentine’s Day, but February will get no redemption from me. Its only virtue may be that […]

In My Tribe

There’s something very primitive and deeply human that drives us to want to belong to a “tribe.” And on social media and elsewhere these days, it’s become downright trendy to talk about you and your friends as making up your “tribe.” When America was “discovered” by Europeans, Native Americans were said to be living in “tribes” and of course, they […]