Walkin’ on water

Well, at least where the water used to be. But when I look up and around while standing on the gravel river bottom out in the middle of the river, I truly feel a spiritual connection to the trees. And I feel sometimes like I could walk on water. And as I walk back up out of the river and […]

Clear water, dark beer

CLEAR WATER, DARK BEER As September flows coolly into October, the Sangamon continues to meander coolly and slowly by.  Around here, Crooked Creek has been dried up for months now and the dry sand and gravel delta of Crooked Creek stretches two-thirds of the way across the river. A mulberry tree fell across my path down to where Crooked Creek […]


Happy Autumnal Equinox to one and all! As the Sangamon River starts on its way back up again, get out there and enjoy that "Super Harvest" Moon. What a name! And don't forget to appreciate the Moon's partner Jupiter traveling right beside it all night long (it's the bright 'star'). And if you have a chance, drive west on any […]

Cry me a River

Our river is crying for our help! Most immediate is our Hazen Bridge clean-up project in celebration of It's Our River Day. Saturday, September 18 at 9am. USRC will even feed you lunch! We will wrap up by 1 so you can still catch the game or do your grocery shopping. Come out and join us if you can. Details […]

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Horrible news: There is a report on Channel 3 that there has been a significant fish kill on the Sangamon River up near Foosland in Northwest Champaign. Hundreds of fish, frogs and other wildlife are reportedly dead. DNR is currently investigating and the source of the kill is yet to be determined. This is truly a sad day for our […]