Wade in the Water

This time of year, the river is nearly walkable. Bruce was on the river and reports that a two hour trip took him and his boys closer to four. However, it's a great time to pick up trash and clean up debris, so there's always something to do! I was out repairing my concrete block stairway down my bank this […]

Get down, river.

The river is going down fast. It's now down below knee deep at my place, but still high enough to get my shorts wet when I walk out into the water. Of course, if it were 1978 and if I still had my 'Magnum PI' style cut-offs, that would be another story, one that horrifies my teenage daughters...

Fourth of July Weekend

This time of year, the River plays a central role in the life of my wife Carol and I. We spend many an afternoon on our bluff overlooking the river letting the river float our cares into the downstream sunset. We had a kayaking date this past Saturday morning. As a date, I highly recommend it. Our trip began

June 26 2010

Four of us went down the river on June 26 from Sangamon River Forest Preserve to my place on the Sangamon River near CR2400N. We started out at 8 and were on the river by 9. The weather was beautiful and Jeff spotted a fox and what we assume was a Cooper’s Hawk, a deer, and several blue herons. We […]

Father’s Day

I got out on the river on Father’s Day taking for what turned out to be a very short trip from my place down to Lake of the Woods. The river was over its banks in many places and was flowing fast. But there were no log jams along the way, although I did see a lot of trash in […]