Kayaking the Ditch

Saturday I paddled upstream from my house, and since the Sangamon was flowing high, fast and strong, I sidetracked and paddled up the accurately-named "Big Ditch". It was an Interesting experience. While fairly monotonous, with long straight stretches, it also has no obstructions such as fallen logs or trees, and feels at times like paddling on open water. Another interesting aspect […]

Tonight on the Sangamon

Always remember to keep looking up. The waxing crescent moon is hanging horns up and low in the Western sky tonight near the red giant Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull. Sirius is shining brightly as usual as the shoulders of the Big Dog to the South. The time changes this weekend and the Vernal Equinox is 11 days away. Things […]

Melting ice sheets

I was out walking Josh and Mowgli, our two dogs in the near-full moonlight this evening. If you don't get a chance to experience a full moon in the woods without the "benefit" of man-made lighting, you, my friend, are missing one of nature's true gifts. This is particularly true this time of year with the leafless trees letting maximum […]

What lies beneath…

There is an open spot in the river, otherwise completely iced over, that's about 20 feet long and 3 or 4 feet wide, at most. Here, the current flows fast and the river runs clear. It's a small window on what lies beneath reminding me of river adventures to come. Soon, we'll be kayaking the river as Spring opens up the […]

River tragedy

The death of one man while canoeing on the Sangamon River near Decatur reminds us all that while we're enjoying our river, nature remains full of perils. While no-one can know the details of how this person lost his life, we can all know that while the river entices us in, it can also be a dangerous place where a […]