Life in the Post-election exurbs

I and my wife Carol aren’t city dwellers. We prefer living outside the city in a more rural, quieter, more natural, and in our opinion, far more beautiful setting. We love the rural area we call home. And we love the Sangamon River; a river that binds us to a community we love. We usually land in what’s called the […]

A Network of Rivers Connects Us

At the Golden Pond Visitor Center at Kentucky’s Land Between the Lakes, a huge map hangs on the wall. The map is from around 1830 and depicts nearly all of the Mississippi River flowing through the central United States. It even depicts our own Sangamon River. Fascinatingly, most of the towns on the map are dotted along the rivers; the […]

Happy Birthday, Dad

My Mom called from our family home down in Jacksonville, Florida during Hurricane Matthew She said she needed a husband. Then she explained that she actually meant her husband. Don’t we all, Mom. Well, I don’t really need a husband (I have a lovely wife), but I also very much miss her husband. Or, as I called him, “Dad”. Mom […]

Reflections from a River Cleanup

And so it was that I was standing neck deep in the Sangamon River. The river was about 6 feet deep (and me only 5’6”) with the current strong, but I did have one hand on a fallen tree to hold myself steady against the current. Besides, Roger and Brian were in their canoe right beside me. I was standing […]

Seven Things I Learned from my River

Two-score and 14 years ago, my mother brought forth: me. And its times like this that guys like me take time to stop and reflect. And today I’m reflecting on my river; looking back at seven things that living on the Sangamon River has taught me over the years. Life has its ups and downs I’m writing this column instead […]